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We're Moved

We got moved rather painlessly this time, thank goodness. I even got my computer up and running, complete with working printer. (Thank you Dana for your donation. I helped scrub her apartment when she left it a total disaster, and since she was going to throw it out anyway, I "liberated" her printer.) So I will be back in contact with you happy people once more. :-)

Our apartment isn't as big and it is in a not-so-nice neighborhood and I love it. I can't explain it. It is just the right kind of cozy and familiar. There are even neighbors across the street who have a rooster. (My cats are a little weirded out at the sound of it crowing. It is like some instinct tells them it is something they should know, but they can't quite place it.) lol Maybe I've turned into a ghetto girl, but I love the closer-knit feeling of a poorer neighborhood. People may not always care if someone is taking your stuff, but they look out for each other in every other way. Kids are to be protected at all costs (at least publically).

Jackson's mom was down for the move, and was pretty sane most of the time. It bodes well. Maybe she was just uber depressed when we were here for Christmas. Who knows? Cameron was sometimes good, mostly an 11-year-old whiner as he "helped" us move I'm kind of glad to have a break from him today. That sounds bad, but there you have it.

I am totally sore, but pretty content. It is only a 7 minute drive to work as opposed to the anywhere from 30 minute to 2 hour drive of before. Yea, howdy!

Work is going well and I have two more opportunities on the line. I am little miffed that they keep putting off the interviews for manager, especially now that a senior position has come open. I have a decent chance of getting the senior position and a so-so chance at the manager's, and now it looks like they'll interview for the senior first (more pressing need). Oh, well, it's not like I couldn't use a .50 raise, but it would be much nicer to be making closer to 1700 a month gross as a manager.

We also finally have a working budget, lined out in Excel. We can meet all of our bills (just barely with alimony) and we'll just have to figure out things after the first of the year if I can't get one of these jobs (please, please, please).

That's it for the update from Portland. I may post later about my newest hobby - Scrabble(tm). I've even been to a club. :-)
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