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I have so much to write about and not enough attention span to get it all out. So here's a brief list:

-Parents visited and it was tremendous. Rose garden, Japanese garden, Salty's, Powell's, Saturday market; exhausted but happy.
-New and dangerous games with beautiful women; only dangerous if I let myself fall, but fun if I can just flow along.
-Applying for a manager's job; yeah, me, a manager....lol
-Jackson is the sweetest man; moments of teary eyed confessions when the thought of loss looms close.
-Bill gets to be my Bill for a weekend, though of course I'll share with J and I'll send him back to his loves after I've loved and abused him enough for the last six months :-)
-Facing the red tape and back breaks of a move towards work and better access to friends

Happy, tired, anxious, loved. Such is a good life. :-)
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