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Okay, so I didn't get the house clean. I did, however, get some dishes done this morning and had a wonderful evening watching Sean of the Dead and asking my sweetie Trivial Pursuit questions. And now my cable is back on and my phone is working again.

Still haven't heard about the job in Tigard but that's okay. It always takes a while.

My kitty is curled up next to me on the couch.

My crush was not offended by my directly telling him I had a crush on him. So we'll wait and see which side of the friendship fence that one falls on eventually.

We're looking to move again in October to the other side of Portland. Looks like we'll be staying at this job awhile. Or maybe not. Our contractor now wants us to cut the project in half with the current people. J's applied for a tech job at a new contract we have coming in. I'm just hoping I make the cut, because, as all of you who know me know, I don't do phones. Even if something happens on the job front, we have made a considerable amount of friends on that side of town, so I want to live a little closer.

Going out to see J's brother and eat hamburgers now.
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