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Life Goes On

Thanks to everyone out there for your support. I'm doing much better. As a matter of fact, my diabetes is the best I've ever had it under control, and with the notable exception of yesterday, I've been eating healthy. My daily intake is down to around 1500 calories with less than 70g of fat a day and around 180g of carbs a day. I have a series of diabetes educations classes to attend, and I hope to be able to conform to whatever diet they have for me.

I've also been making a lot of friends. One of the ladies that I work with is a huge social butterfly and she has hooked me up with this organization called "Meetin'." The Meetin' group in Portland (abbreviated MIPL - pronounced like Mipple - yes, this makes me cringe) is very active and has a wide variety of things to go to, everywhere from stitch n' bitch to volunteer work to drunken karoke to hiking Mt. Hood. I've been going to more of the events now and my calendar is getting a bit fuller.

In addition, I've joined a radical cheerleading organization called PDX F.A.T.A.S.S. We are practicing for an upcoming event called "Fat Girl Speaks." It feels really cool to be doing some activism in such a positive way. Plus, it is exercise, making the fit and fat meme even more emphasized.

Today is Jackson's b-day, so we're going out with some friends to a Mongolian barbecue tonight. It should be lots of fun.

So, life is full, if not always happy. Happiness has a way of creeping back up on me when I least expect it, though. :-)
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