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Fun Saturday

So our company had its annual picnic on Saturday and it was a blast. They had adult-friendly slides and obstacle courses. They had cotton candy and sno-cones and free lunch. Cameron even got his dad and I to get in the large bouncy dome to play dodgeball. Only one ball to the eye I figure is a success.

While there, I ran into M and his sweeties. He was in the dunk tank when I got there, but my arm is awful, so I missed every time. Still, he did get plenty wet.

Cameron had such a great time. I think part of it was the sugar that his dad and I let him get a little too hopped up on. Still, all the activity seemed to take it out of him.

After the picnic, we went to hang at M's house. That is always fun. They have so many animals to play with and gadgets to explore. On top of that, the company is fun and boisterous, which always a bonus. J actually managed to beat M in several games of Pente while Cameron played on every single one of their game systems at least once. I got to watch people doing Stupid WoW tricks. lol

As a side note, all in all I'm starting to feel a lot more relaxed around them. They remind me a lot of me when I was younger (M's 4 years younger than me, and his sweeties are 10 and 12 years younger). Not that I'm some big mature thing or anything, just less prone to big gestures. Notice I said less, not completely stopped.

After that, we went over to Lyn's apartment. We had a wonderful talk sitting out on her apartment balcolny. She is such a wonderful lady. Jackson and she are quite cute together. I hope they can plan a date to get together soon.

It was also wonderful to see Cameron interacting with another kid his age. Lyn's boy is only a year older than him, so they were getting along perfectly. I always kind of despair that Cameron has not gotten the social cues he's needed from the various coarse adults (and, yes, I definitely include myself in that) surrounding him. But seeing him geek out with another kid was absolutely cool.

The night ended quite late with us watching Zathura. The movie wasn't all that great, but the comeraderie was.

I feel like I might actually, *gasp, shock*, be getting a social life out here.

Next Friday, karaoke. Next Saturday, party. Next weekend, Mom and Dad. Next weekend, Bill.

*happily skips away*
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